Toba | Medium
Toba | Medium

Toba | Medium

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One of a kind small pieces of textile art are hand-loomed by native South American "Qom Lec" communities from the North East of Argentina.

They are made from pure hand-spun sheep's wool and dyed with natural pigments.
The Look: Elegantly rustic figures of color that display a handcrafted appeal.
The Feel: Strong, untamed, luxurious, pure pleasure. 


The well known and ancient "Qom Lec" community that was once known as Toba.

They are incredibly talented artisans and creators of the most excellent, luxurious and outstanding Argentine rugs. Able to weave whatever comes to mind, they prefer the geometric figures and most common animals of the area where they live as patterns.

These unique pieces have traveled across the ocean from the province of Formosa, the city where I was born, to warm up your home.

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