CANASTA Hand-woven basket
CANASTA Hand-woven basket

CANASTA Hand-woven basket

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Made by: Wichi women 

Fibre: Chaguar plant 

Size: 27 cm  x 0.06 cm  


Wichi means people. The Wichi community live in the area of ​​the Argentine Litoral.

The activity of the Chaguar is a purely feminine activity. The women, in small groups, go out to the mount to harvest the plant that grows in an natural way, they defibrate the leaf, spin, dye and weave.

In the past, Wichis women used this weaving technique to make the clothes and war vests used by men, fishing nets and YICAS bags that they used to collect the fruits of the forest.

TODAY they use the same technique to make crafts that are recognized and valued throughout the world.