Valle Pom Pom Cushion

Valle Pom Pom Cushion

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Made by:  Argentina Weavers 

Fibre: Argentinian Sheep's Wool

Size: 45x45 cm

Colour: Rust

Our cushions are hand woven using the traditional loom technique, made with 100% natural sheep wool which our artisans dye in colours with raw material obtained from the bush, roots, wood or fruits.

The whole process of our cushions is entirely handmade, the artisans shear the sheep and dye it if necessary, then create the balls of yarn to continue the weaving.

Our cushions were carefully selected, the colours chosen are inspired by the colours and textures of the landscapes of the areas where our group of artisans reside.

NOTE: Our cushions are Hand-woven from 100% natural sheep's wool. They are dyed by hand using natural materials such as fruit or roots. Whilst we do our best to represent the colour accurately, wool is a raw fibre so please expect slight variations. 

Standard inner cushion included if applicable.