WHO MADE MY RUG? - The Puna Weavers


Hand-Woven rugs made by the Puna weavers.



The PUNA WEAVERS, they live in the rural areas of the Argentina Northwest. They are women artisans and peasants who came together in order to fight to change the reality in which they live, generate environmental awareness and transform the structure of society that continues to exclude them.

In the Puna live more than 2000 families who lead a sustainable life based on respect for nature. This community of artisans has their own beliefs, they are connected with the goddess of nature who they call Pachamama, who they worship and bring offerings. The weavers of the puna are deeply spiritual women, the pachamama provides, she is life abundance and happiness.



Among the activities they carry out are llama and sheep farming, the sale of yarns, fabrics and handicrafts. They have learned the art of weaving from their ancestors and the technique has been passed down from generation to generation for many years. Its products are unique and quite rustic because they take their indigenous culture and the wonderful landscapes of nature that surround them as a source of inspiration. 



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